Blockbuster Bankruptcy – Educational Endeavors

And by Educational Endeavor, I am not referring to the bankruptcy of Blockbuster as providing that education . . . that’s really a pretty ordinary death from within. Instead it is a point of light, a potential new direction for the beleaguered beast.

For profit education has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 15 years with University of Phoenix outstripping the revenues of the entire Ivy League combined. Various online learning institutions also provide physical locations. More importantly for location rich Blockbuster though is the rise of charter schools and other offline, private learning institutions.

Crazy to suggest Blockbuster shift gears?
The idea of joining Blockbuster with for profit education goes beyond the real estate opportunity and draws on existing BBI relationships. Who’s heard of Disney?

Turns out Disney is interested in the education market – with annual revenues well over $2.5 billion attributable to “educational endeavors” – a murky title for data culled from the various revenue streams – Disney is poised to expand its presence in the for profit education world. Disney is making strides to tackle the for profit education segment without the singing frogs and princesses, and appears to be dabbling in the market previously reserved for companies like Kaplan and Sylvan.

Blockbuster has a limited dowry, but might be able to generate more value for its shareholders by partnering with a “Disney” who could benefit through Blockbuster’s choice locations and existing client-base.

Action Item: Court Disney or other for profit education venture who needs families (largest portion of BBI’s client base) and community presence.