Due Diligence

“I conceive that the great part of the miseries of mankind are brought upon them by false estimates they have made of the value of things.” -Benjamin Franklin

Have you heard that the economy is down?
2009 was our best year yet and 2010 is looking even better . . .

In this current grim part of the business cycle, it seems riskier than ever to put money to work. Volatility in the public equity markets, uncertainty in the housing markets, general bearish sentiments, and a host of negative indicators are keeping investment dollars on the sidelines. However, some deals are getting done and many more are out there waiting. The key to making a good investment remains the same as before the “Great Recession”—proper and thorough due diligence. That’s why 2009 was our best year ever and 2010 is shaping up to pass it. Smart investors recognize smart input, before they do the deal.

Stories abound of deals done in 2006 and 2007 that are currently foundering that were driven by hype rather than solid business and investing principles. What many of these deals also lacked was fundamental due diligence, and when there was work done, it was often the kind of rubber stamp work that merely told the deal team what they wanted to hear.

We value your opinion, but we value our credibility more.

If you are looking for a deal shop to squeeze value out of a deal simply by creating a new financial instrument . . . well, we aren’t for you. Perhaps off-putting, we do want to please our clients, but we will not recommend a deal that is unsound. We may not win a popularity contest, but we are the team you turn to when you want expert insight. We work with individuals who build businesses – for the long haul.

Our Principals have experience with the racier side of finance, but we only put those skills to play when it makes sense for the long term prospect of the underlying business. No sense dropping a ton of debt on a business that can’t support it. We’ve been there, lived through it, and wouldn’t do it to anyone else.

We offer you outside, unbiased advice and research on deals. Our teams help you decide whether this is the right deal to do, when to do it, and how you can unlock the full value of the company if you move forward with the transaction. Due diligence is your most important risk-management tool, and at this point in the business cycle it could not be more important that it be done right.

Current Product Types:

Due Diligence B2B Acquisition Targets
Advisory Services Pre-Acquisition through Execution
Advisory Services Vendor and B2B Client Management
Project Management Deal Execution

Past Projects:

Deal Identification for Real Estate Investment Group
Conceptual Commercial Construction Estimates
Private Equity Real Estate Distressed
Institutional Client Recruitment for Securities Firm
Private Placement Sports
Mixed Use Development: Conceptual Estimate through Lease Up
Distressed Housing Market Investor Package Creation
Major Donor Commitment for Habitat for Humanity
Private Equity Health and Beauty